Here’s how I got duped into giving my data

I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to the internet but recently I let my guard down. Find out how I became 1 of over 200 000 fools, watch Seth Rogen sign his life over to Netflix, meet the best friend/psychologist you never had and more in Bytesized.

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❔This site can guess who you are in 15 questions or less

I saw this site on TNW and tried it. It guessed my name by the third round. It couldn’t guess my BFs or the people below. Think they can guess your name in less than 15 questions? Try it out here.

📺This really is the best ending to a movie EVER

👩Can you name a woman in tech? Hint: It’s not Alexa or Siri

When a sample of 1000 American consumers was asked whether they could name a famous woman leader in tech 91,7% said no and only 8,3% said yes. While that may seem bad, it gets worse:

Of those 8.3% who said they could name a famous woman tech leader, only 4% actually couldand a quarter of those respondents named “Siri” or “Alexa.”

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🌲This Bonsai probably knows more than you do

TDK (yes the same people that used to do all the cassette tapes) have come up with a Bonsai tree combined with AI to give you BonsAI. It’s the friend/psychologist you never had. BonsAI can give you answers to your philosophical questions and even quotes philosophers.

🐤How to easily read Twitter threads (because the best stuff happens in threads)

I was reading this thread that Constantine104 shared (do yourself a favour read it) and someone mentioned ThreadReader which lets you read any Twitter thread in blog form instead of on Twitter. So the story started like this and just got better. You’ll never guess what happens next…

Read the rest of the Twitter thread here. 

👅Here’s how I became an internet fool

Did you click on the link from the first story? If you did then you are just like me. I went back to the website to write this story and found this. I am ashamed to admit I was one of those 200 000 fools.

Best joke ever. It just shows how gullible we (Royal We – me) can be. I wonder if this is why Buzzfeed is such a powerhouse? I mean they have quizzes and probably have details on all my important info. Stuff like what my Patronus is and which Sex & the City character I most identify with.

best april fools joke

And here is how they did it…

If you’d like to see how gullible your friends are, share this link with them.

And finally…

😂The best April Fool’s Day prank ever

Netflix got Seth Rogan to sign over his life. I laughed out loud at the “Well if it worked for Adam Sandler” 😂😂😂

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