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I did a favourite finds post a few weeks ago and you loved it. So I’m thinking this needs to be a regularly thing. Mainly because I do find some gems. But to begin, this needs a name! Any suggestions? Drop them in the comments.

I have a few things I want to add to my list of rad geek inspiration and top tech finds this week and I’ve dropped them all below. Some are just funky items you can purchase while others are just rad internet finds I think you need to know about. Take a look:

The new ghd Gold

ghd gold

I actually did a video about my time with the new styler on Tuesday which you can watch here:

I had a chance to try it out and I really did feel a difference. I love the new metallic features but there are also a host of funky tech innovations that you need to pay attention to. It takes only 25 seconds to heat up and I thought it slid through my hair much quicker (while still doing a great styling job). The new ghd Gold has dual zone technology incorporated. This means it now has 2 heat sensors instead of 1 which allows it to control the optimum heat a bit better. I was really impressed with this baby and think if you’re looking for a new styler it is worth the splurge.

Seeing Allred

Gloria Allred

I mentioned yesterday with my Stationery post that I’ve started investigating the history of feminism a bit more. I’ve had to handle some heat recently when trying to defend the historical divides of gender and the blatant sexism on display in so many majority male industries. It is a tough conversation and I’ll be the first to admit that I feel like my eyes are being opened to a world I don’t really comprehend. The severity of the issues we, as females, face hasn’t hit me as hard as it has recently. In my search for materials to help me better understand the issues at hand I came across a documentary on Netflix called Seeing Allred. Gloria Allred is an extremely prolific women’s rights attorney. The documentary showcases her career and life so far. Watching it is fascinating, inspiring and depressing all at the same time. The public hate and misogyny she faces will make you feel so incredibly helpless and full of despair but her continual fight for equality will also drive you to do better. I think it is a documentary every female needs to watch. It really made me re-examine my own actions and also my own lack of action when it comes to fighting for what is right and just.

Overwatch Jewellery

tech girl fav things

I’m sure you’ve noticed but I’ve recently been slightly obsessed with Overwatch. I came across some of the best jewelry designs celebrating the game and I had to share. I cannot take credit though. ChipChick found these beauties. My favourite piece is pictured above. Unfortunately if you want to get your hands on these gorgeous designs you’re going to have to ship them in via Amazon. Not always easy but it can potentially be done if you use Aramex Global Shopper.

The Ford LEGO partnership

ford rally car lego

Call be biased, but I drive a Ford. So when this dropped in my inbox I had to share. LEGO has recently added the M-Sport Ford Fiesta WRC rally car kit to its LEGO Speed Champions range and I am kind of obsessed. Its a 203 piece set and you’ll be able to customise wheel trims, change out bonnets and even add your own little race-graphics. For the petrol heads out there this is kind of all sorts of amazing. You’ll only be able to order it from LEGO on 1 March though. Seriously how cute is this kit? I’ve stuck to building Star Wars LEGO sets but I’m seriously considering expanding to the Speed Champions range, if only for the Fiesta and the Mustang (which has also been added to the collection).


cadbury bites for bytes

I love chocolate. Like a lot. Cadbury is my favourite. In fact, Cadbury Top Deck is basically my life go to. Besides chocolate I also like blowing ridiculous amounts of money on data. So adding to my favourites list is how these two come together. Till the 30th of April if you buy  5 bars of any of the chocolates pictured above and submit all five barcodes on the wrappers to a number you’re guaranteed data or air time. Basically for every five large bars you get 50MB of Data and for every 5 mini bars you get R5 of air time. It is an excuse to eat more chocolate right?

I still need a name for this little space. Working on that. But for now – those are my favs 😉


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