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Add Pops of Colour To Your Twitter Feed With These Three Bots

The majority of superheroes have an alias by day and a crime fighting alter-ego at night. Not that I’m a superhero or anything, but it’s safe to say that my life follows a similar pattern. Mine aren’t as nearly as cool as the superheroes we read about in comic books or see in movies though. You should all know by now that I make videos on the YouTube Machine – this is what I consider my “crime fighting alter-ego”. By day, I am a freelance graphic designer whose world revolves around Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

What does this have to do with Twitter?

I’ve spoken about the YouTube side of my life before, but never the design side (I also really just wanted to share these three twitter bots with you, but couldn’t think of another way to spin it). 

Being a designer, I’m always looking for interesting new colour palettes and combinations to incorporate into my designs.

What are Twitter Bots?

I’m sure those of you who use Twitter have come across at least one Twitter Bot in your lifetime – A twitter account that is run by bot software that generates tweets about a specific topic at set intervals. 

Some bots post motivational quotes every hour while others post interesting facts and “did you know’s”. Those are cool and all but personally, I prefer visuals.  

That’s where the pretty colours come in.

@everycolorbot@colorschemez and @PaletteCLR are bots that post randomly generated colours and pallets every now and then, and I love having them pop up in my feed.

Every Colour Bot

This was the first of the colour bots I was exposed to. It randomly generates a hex code along with its accompanying colour that the hex code stands for  (Hex codes are the alphanumeric values for colours that designers use every day. For example; 000000 is black while FFFFFF is white)

Color Schemez

Works similar to Every Colour Bot, but posts colours that go well together. What I like about this is they aren’t always typical colours you’d expect to see together and add a nice bright touch to your feed. An added bonus is that @colorschemez gives each of these colours an over-embellished name, rather than the stock standard “pink” or “blue”.

Palette CLR

Lastly, @PaletteCLR is the opposite of colorschemez in that it posts colour palettes relating to one particular colour group, rather than contrasting or complementary colours. They’re pretty and nice to look at – And include the hex codes for easy replication. 

Cool, but what’s so special about this?

Sure, these accounts might interest some more than others – particularly those in creative fields, but here’s how I see it;

There are so many unpleasantries shared onto our feeds every day. Between the drama and bad news, an hourly post with a pretty colour or combination of colours is quite refreshing at times. 

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