The story behind THAT meme

Spring has sprung (I promised myself I wouldn’t use this phrase but I needed to get it out of my system). Spring is here and that means out with the old and in with the new. Find out the story behind the latest meme, buy makeup that’s endorsed by Spiderman (sort of), watch Fiona the Hippo bloom and more in Bytesized.

ICYMI: Could Excel be coming to a console near you?

The latest meme

You’ve probably seen some version of what’s known as the distracted boyfriend meme. The photographer behind the meme is actually a stock photographer and no surprises here, this meme hasn’t helped him make bank. He usually sells about 6000 + units of a stock image, and has only sold about 700 units.

distracted guy meme tumblr


Here’s my attempt. Am I using the internet right?


This is the funniest thing you’ll see all week

I’m still laughing…


Marvel makeup

Introducing a Marvel makeup line. Get Spiderman branded lipstick, Captain America foundation and Black Widow mascara!

marvel lipstick

Fiona the Hippo has her own show now

I shared a bit about Fiona the Hippo a few weeks ago, but now not only can she stand on her tippy toes, she also has her own show. You can catch the first episode of  The Fiona Show on Facebook.

If you follow the Cincinnati Zoo, you’ll see that someone always makes a trolling comment about Harambe on a Fiona the Hippo tweet. 

I can’t believe that Bytesized is already 2 years old!

Here’s one of the first posts I did (that racoon gif still cracks me up – so not much has changed). Thanks to everyone who reads my round up of all things interweb-related every week. I really appreciate it.

Bytesized | 28 August 2015

About this weekend: if you feel like exploring this weekend, check out Google Local Guides, a fun way to explore your area. I was invited to an awesome day out to explore Melville, which you can read about here.

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