3 great techie Mother's Day gifts

3 great techie Mother’s Day gifts (and the easiest way to purchase them online)

In all the chaos of my last few weeks I completely forgot that this weekend is Mother’s Day. MY BAD! Obviously the easiest way to fix this situation is to quickly jump online and figure out the quickest way to purchase something that can be delivered to my door. Recently I purchased something online and had to fill in my credit card details. While no one took money out of my account I got a weird notification about a login so quickly had to change all my passwords. So I’m moving old school and would prefer to do EFTs moving forward.

Which is why I decided to test out i-Pay.

I’ll tell you about that in a bit but first, check out these 3 great techie Mother’s Day gifts that are ideal no matter your budget.

The Poo Emoji speaker – for the cheapskate

3 great techie Mother's Day gifts

If you don’t want to blow stacks of cash and want to make your mom giggle this Poo Emoji speaker from Superbalist is perfect. It costs R349. So it won’t break the bank but it also makes a cute little gift for your mom if you have my sense of humour.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 – for the old school is cool mom

3 great techie Mother's Day gifts

My mother LOVES taking photos and she loves printing them as well. She is completely obsessed with printing photos and will moan monthly about all the photos she needs to print. So the Fujifilm Instax is ideal. It is an instant polaroid camera which feeds into her nostalgia and she’ll love the instant printing. Plus the strips and photos it prints allows for really cute design options when it comes to decorating. It costs around R900 from takealot.

Garage Parking Sensor – for the practical parent

3 great techie Mother's Day gifts

This is such a rad tech gift I found on OneDayOnly. It is a garage sensor that you can hang up to ensure you never hit the bumper on the wall of your garage. My mom’s eyesight is bad and she refuses to get new glasses. She also packs stacks of stuff in her garage so this is ideal. It costs around R449.

All these items are available on websites that support i-Pay. i-Pay is an instant EFT payment gateway. I used it for the first time with my mother’s day purchase and it was ideal. No need to sign up, fill in forms or any of that stuff. Just select it as your payment option, follow the prompts and you’re good to go. It is the most basic 3 step process. Select EFT with i-Pay, choose your bank, log in and supply the one time pin. It is super quick and never takes you off the site you’re purchasing from.

In terms of security, i-Pay has a Thawte Certificate and a few extra security features so you can feel safe about your details going out there.  I preferred it to doing a standard EFT because then I’d need to log in to my bank, fill in all the details and wait 24 hours for the payment to clear. This way it was all sorted immediately and the online store got the proof of payment straight away. Easy as!

My mother’s day is sorted and I’ll definitely use i-Pay again. To be honest, I also preferred the design to Payfast, which I’ve used in the past. It was much cleaner and, ironically, made me feel safer just because it looked more cutting edge. Go figure.

Disclosure: I was given an i-Pay gift voucher to test out the payment gateway. 

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