photos of women in engineering

Enough with awkward stock photography of women in engineering

There is nothing worse than trying to find stock photography of women in technology or women in engineering. Apparently popping a hard hat on a model or banging her in front of a computer is enough to convey the message. It is kind of insulting when you think about it. Of course, finding a woman in motoring and engineering is even worse. If she isn’t draped over a car in barely any clothes she looks like this:


Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Yeah. I’m not exactly stoked with it either. However, Jaguar and Land Rover are trying to change it. They’ve partnered with Getty Images to try produce more accurate portrayals of women in engineering and STEM careers in general. As part of an International Women’s Day initiative the Jaguar Land Rover team teamed up with Getty and released a new range of photographs.

photos of women in engineering

The motoring company wants to try attract more ladies to STEM careers and is hoping the new images will do just that. Getty has been running research recently and have found that those on the search for images are looking for more accurate photographs and also conducting more searches for women in STEM.

photos of women in engineering

As someone who does regularly conduct these searches I’m excited to see this new selection available and I’m hoping other engineering and technology companies will follow suit and contribute to the image bank.

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