Sony Xperia X Review

I’m a creature of habit. When I have to use someone’s iPhone or switch to a different Android phone, I get really frustrated. All Androids are not created equal. I got to test out the Sony Xperia X and after getting used to the lay out (the back button is on the left not the right), here’s what I thought.

But first let’s take a selfie

With a 13MP front camera, you’ll always take perfect selfies. The phone is a little smaller than the iPhone 6/7 and Samsung 6/7 with its 5″ screen, but it is really easy to use when you want to take photos and fits into the palm of your hand.

Wedding vibes

I tried taking a selfie at night, but I hadn’t worked out the settings yet. Still I think it turned out very arty.

Creatures of the night

Let’s make a movie

I had this great idea of using a selfie stick to capture our day out at a rollerskating rink. I was being one hell of an optimist. Here’s what we got up to – the main camera is pretty impressive (23MP) and produces high quality video. The same can’t be said for my video skills.

Those weird plastic Zimmer frames are a necessity if you want to go fast. 

What I really liked about the Sony Xperia X…

  • Fast to charge with a long battery life. How long? I was able to use it for two days before I had to charge it and that was while taking pictures and video (2620mAh battery with Quick Charge).
  • Amazing cameras that are perfect for selfies and the ease with which you can capture moving objects. My photos always seemed to be in focus.
  • The screen resolution is amazing and the colours vivid.
  • Compared to my regular phone, the Xperia X was dandy. Do people still say dandy?
  • Fingerprint scanner. So I know hedgehogs can also do this, but I felt very 007 every time I used it. (The on/off button is also the finger print scanner)

What I thought was meh…

  • As a mid range phone, the hefty price tag of R10 999 isn’t pretty. This price point almost puts it out of reach for the very audience that it caters to.
  • The charger is unique to the Xperia X (it doesn’t work for a Samsung or LG, etc.). I suppose this is how people with flat iPhones feel when they hang out with Android users.

So should I get the Sony Xperia X?

Get the Sony Xperia X if you are into taking selfies, want a high quality camera and a screen display that will surprise you every time you look at it. And the two day battery life is a real plus.

Disclosure: Jade was sent the Sony Xperia X to review. It goes back now! 

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