Based on my experience as a digital ninja (still heartbroken to discover that this isn’t in fact a legit job description), here are 5 digital trends to watch out for in 2017.

Author’s note: I’m going out on a limb here because screenshots don’t lie and at the end of the year I’ll either be doing a victory lap or eating humble pie.

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  1. Disappearing content  

Part of the appeal of Instagram and Snapchat stories is that after a while they disappear. There is so much info on the web that a click here or read more just isn’t enough.

digital trends 2017 - disappearing content
The struggle is real

How do you get people to come back? FOMO – if they’re not there daily they miss out. There’s also something comforting about  knowing that this really isn’t forever.

2. Twitter as we know it will die 

Say what? I love Twitter, it’s where I get my news from and where I bookmark articles I want to check out (8002 likes) but it just isn’t keeping up with the times. Unless it radically changes its game, it will go the way of the fail whale.

digital trends 2017 - twitter will die
Well this is awkward…

Twitter has started live streaming a lot of exclusive content, and if this works, it might be saved. Which brings me to the next trend, live video.

3. Video, especially live streaming 

The next phase of reality TV is only going to get bigger this year. The ability to watch something go down live is very appealing. No filters, no rehearsals (mostly), and it is the next best thing to actually being there. From celebs to gamers to the dude that live streams brushing his teeth – there will be something for everyone.

digital trends 2017 - live streaming
Just make sure you’re on wifi

4. Chat bots

The online world never sleeps and brands need to be there 24/7. Thanks to AI, chat bots are advancing so quickly, you’ll think you’re chatting to a human. And if you think chat bots are limited to Facebook think again. Botlist lists bots that are available across different platforms.

digital trends 2017 - chat bots
The chat bot REALLY likes me

5. Engagement 

What’s better? To have 5000 Facebook fans but only 2 people ever like your posts or 500 fans and 150 like and comment on your posts? We’ll see a move away from vanity metrics (followers) as we move towards what matters most – engagement (comments, shares, likes).

digital trends 2017 - engagement
You always need more likes

This is my dream come true, as often brands focus on quantity and not quality.

What do you think will be big this year? Do you agree with this list or have your own to add? Let us know in the comments below and if you have a good one, I’ll add it to the list. 

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