Move over Snapchat. There’s a new app in town

musically is an instant music video social media network. Create your own lip sync music videos and add in awesome special effects. is the first Chinese app that has made it big in the US and the youth are flocking to it. Celebs like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are even using the app.

Get for Android or get for iOS. screenshot 

What: an instant music video social media network.

Why: create music videos and become a star by lip syncing your way to the top. You can also create dance videos, act out lines from movies, the options are endless.

Thoughts: I downloaded the app and took a gander. Young people are really confident and talented. I tried to pick something I could do but in all honestly I am so awkward in front of a camera and even as a joke, it would have been tragic. The videos are fun to watch though.

Here is a compilation of some of the funniest videos on And yes this app is aimed at teens, but like Snapchat, it won’t be long before 30 somethings are using it. Also there are loads of best couples on compilations too.

One of the top creators on is Baby Ariel. She is 15 years old and her signature videos are music videos. Here she shares some tips on how to make awesome videos.

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