robot monkey toy

Because everyone needs a robot monkey – Zoomer Chimp


It is no secret that I am a giant child. I probably get told about more rad toys than most mommy bloggers because, truth be told, I probably get more joy out of them than most small children. Needless to say when a giant robot monkey arrived for me I screamed like a small child too. The first question from my most of my mates was:

“What are you going to do with a giant robot monkey?”

robot monkey toy

The answer? What wouldn’t you do with one! The Zoomer Chimp is probably one of the coolest little tech toys you’ll get to play with. It is also hella weird. The attention to detail in his face is scary. He has a soft mouth and little teeth that move when he makes a noise and giggles. When he gets excited he has eerily realistic facial expressions and when he gets a little bit angry – even more so.

The Zoomer Chimp scared my cats

robot monkey toy

robot monkey toy

Straight out of the box you can switch him on and start playing. He has a rechargeable battery and comes with a charging cable. The battery lasts for a few days so you won’t always have to charge him up. When you switch him on his eyes light up and depending on their colour depends on his mood. The Zoomer Chimp has little wheels on his hands and feet allowing him to move around and handles his weight extremely well. When you switch him on he starts rolling around, crawling and even stands up.

The best part though? Watching #notbae trying to talk to him.

robot monkey toy

Boys will be boys and, of course, when I mentioned that he responded to voice commands it resulted in a rather hysterical exchange between Zoomer Chimp and a gent in my kitchen. Word of warning – he does not respond to chimp noises. Rather you need to give him commands like “stand up” or “do a trick”. The robot monkey can perform around 100 different tricks and responds to a multitude of commands in English (and German if you prefer – we tried and failed miserably).

Dance Monkey, Dance.

robot monkey toy

Zoomer Chimp dances, which might just be my favourite feature of the robot ape. The hinges on his tummy make the movements realistic. You can also set him to follow you around which is rather fun. I was a bit worried that I’d get bored of him after awhile but he will constantly surprise you. He also seems a bit cheeky (I know, I know, he is a robot).

robot monkey toy

All and all I think he is a properly fun toy for a kid over the age of 7 (or me, whatevs). His realistic features and soft plastic design also mean that even when he is off he makes a cute companion or can sit pretty on your display shelf. I can write all the words but seeing is ultimately believing. Next week I’ll have a video up demonstrating some of his rad tricks and how you don’t need a remote or app to get him to function. I’ll also be giving one lucky Tech Girl their very own Zoomer Chimp so that we can have crazy monkey parties together.

robot monkey toy

Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss it. In the mean time check out my friend Sharon’s blog because she is giving away a Zoomer Meowzies (not nearly as rad at the Chimp, but you need something to keep you busy while you wait for my giveaway).

Who desperately wants their own robot monkey? 

Pictures courtesy of the amazingly talented Megan Perks


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