HP Spectre launch

Meet the Eva Longoria of laptops – the HP Spectre


Last week I had the chance to attend an intimate launch of a new laptop. For fear of feeding the stereotypes – there was no doubt that this laptop was designed specifically with women in mind. I imagine the HP Spectre, if human, would take on the form of Eva Longoria. She’s gorgeous (obviously) and has a sort of golden glow around her every time I see her on the red carpet. In interviews she is completely relatable, down to earth and funny. But over and above that – she packs all her awesome in to a small package.

And that’s what the HP Spectre does as well

HP Spectre launch

HP Spectre launch

Right off the bat this is an extremely small laptop. When I say small I don’t mean that it the laptop has a tiny screen. You’ll still get 13.3″ of goodness to stare it. But the body of this beauty is so extremely thin. On picking it up I was rather taken aback by how light it was. It only weighs 1.1kg and you’d be forgiven for thinking something is wrong because it just feels so light in your hands. There is a huge plus here though – have you ever had to drag your laptop from meeting to meeting in your bag? I have. Let me tell you, by the end of the day you feel it in your shoulders. I imagine carting the HP Spectre around would take away that ache.

All that Gold

HP Spectre launch

HP Spectre launch

Other than its skinny body you’ll also notice that the laptop has these really gorgeous gold finishes. The idea is obviously to give it a premium look to justify the R29 999 price range. I’m always a bit worried with too much gold because it has the potential to look gimmicky or tacky. However, the HP Spectre doesn’t look like either. It has a gold embossed HP logo and then a thing gold lining running across the back of the laptop. It really is pretty to look at.

But does it work?

HP Spectre launch

I’ve not had a chance to use the laptop yet and only briefly played with it at the launch. However, I can give you some insight in to some of the tech talk. With the HP Spectre you’re getting a full HD display as well as Bang & Olufsen speakers for optimum sound quality (useful when you want to blast some tunes or watch series in bed). You’re also getting an Intel i or i5 processor (your call) so expect a bit of power. There is also 3 full function USB connectors for all the add ons. Yay!

It looks the part and could be the premium Windows device you need to kickstart your 2017. It should be in SA towards December. So what do you think? Plan to treat yourself to a powerfully thin Christmas present?




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