Where to get photos printed – SA online edition

Printed photos have become a novelty. Find out where to get photos printed so that you can proudly display your favourite pics. And no, you won’t have to wait – these are all online.

Do you remember taking photos with a camera that needed film and that had to get developed? It would usually take about a day to get your photos back, that was until they came up with a 1 hour service, which meant looking around the mall while you waited.

The smell of chemicals and the excitement as you opened the envelope to see how the photos had turned out. If this sounds like a #TBT, then you’re probably a millenial.

Where to get photos printed on wooden blocks: Photo Blocks

Photo Blocks prints your photos on wood that comes in different shapes and sizes. They have a wide range of styles and sizes start at 10cm and go up to 25cm.

photo blocks 1

All of the styles would look great in any room, and they also  make great gifts. Just make sure you use flattering photos.


Top pick: I really like the chalk block, as you get to write messages and you could change it whenever you want.

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Where to get photos printed as polaroids: Nifty 250

Print your Instagram photos with Nifty 250. Simply login with your Instagram account, choose what types of polaroids you would like and order. There are two options to choose from:

  • Standard polaroid photos (R4.50 each, min of 30)
  • Photo strips (R4.50 each, min of 18)


Follow Nifty 250 on Instagram to see amazing photos, take part in colour challenges and watch out for their weekend takeovers. 

Where to get photos printed on canvas

Before you think of family portraits where everyone is required to dress in white, hear me out. Photos printed on canvas can look good and make great gifts. It all depends on the photos though. You could have pictures of your pets, a fun night out or your favourite scenary.

Print Canvas allows you to choose the size, has some filters and you can customize the edges.

print canvas options

Other places to immortalise your photos

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