Bytesized | 27 May – the laugh at this edition

The Chewbacca Mom went viral and made the internet a better place, some dude sits on a subway and reads books with highly inappropriate covers, science reveals why we hated that annoying paperclip that tried to help us and the flip phone might be making a comeback. Thanks Adele. This week in Bytesized.


VIDEO Chewbacca Mom Mask

An awesome mom found a Chewbacca mask at Kohl’s and filmed her reaction.  Try watching it without laughing. You just can’t.

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If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then watch the original Chewbacca Mom video.

After this video went viral (and I mean viral in the true sense of the word because it  broke all video records on Facebook Live with 141 million views), Kohl’s, which is where Texas mom Candace Payne bought the mask from, sent her an awesome Star Wars gift. And rightly so. The Chewbacca mask sold out!

Kohl's sent the chewbacca mask mom some awesome Star Wars merch

The Chewbacca Mom then drove James Corden (of Caraoke fame) to work. The result is pure comedic gold.

Candace even got to hang out at Facebook.

chewbacca mask mom hangs out at Facebook


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IMAGE dude reads books with offensive covers on the subway

Comic Scott Rogowsky took some offensive book covers and pretended to read them on the subway. He then filmed the commuters’ reactions. Watch the reaction video here. 

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RESEARCH shows us why we hated Clippy, that annoying Microsoft paperclip, so much

That’s right, science has proven why we hated that annoying paperclip. Apparently we felt that Clippy was secretly judging us with his big eyes when he offered help and made us feel like we weren’t in control. We prefer faceless digital assistants, like Siri, that don’t judge us and that we can’t see. To read more about our hatred of Clippy, click here. 

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THROW BACK Motorola could be brining back the flip phone

Who remembers the Razr V3 from Motorola? 12 years have passed since its release and Motorola is hinting at a come back. Why a flip phone? Probably because of Adele. So if you still have your old phones in a box somewhere in your cupboard, dust off those bad boys and get ready to be cool again. There probably won’t be any need to charge them as they would have only used half of their battery by now.

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