3 free exercise apps perfect for beginners

So you’ve decided to get fit and start exercising. We are a few weeks into 2016, you are eager and your motivation is strong. But what happens after a few more weeks? Here are 3 free exercise apps that are perfect for beginners, and because these apps take you back to basics, you are more likely to stick to the programs, nothing like the graph below.

I’m going to read more books this year… or I will until I go back to work.

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ENDOMONDO A personal trainer in your pocket.


This nifty app tracks your activity which includes time, calories and distance. Connect with friends and create challenges to stay motivated.

♥ History lets you see what you have done and allows you to work out any patterns and see when you last exercised. No one likes to see a 3 month gap between workouts.

♥ Endomondo easily integrates your music player, so you can monitor your activity and listen to music at the same time from the same device.

☹ The free version doesn’t allow you to create a training plan.

6Get Endomondo now: Android or iOS


FREELETICS Your individual training plan. High intensity workouts. Adapted to you and your goals.

freeletics exercise app

Freeletics not only focuses on exercise, but also focuses on keeping you motivated and teaches you about nutrition.

Your workouts are tailored to your fitness level and objective. All of the exercises are high intensity workouts (HIT), which means that they are tough but effective. A 10 minute session of HIT is the same as a 30 minute run.

Currently in Beta, Freeletics also offers running. But this is running like an athlete to beat your best.


♥ All of the exercises only require your body weight, so you can do these anywhere.

♥ Videos show you exactly how to do the exercises, minimizing the risk of injury and slacking off.

♥ The motivation really works, and this golden nugget really resonated with me.

An inch of progress is better than a mile of good intentions.

☹ Can’t really fault this app. The exercises are tough, but worth it.

7Get it now: Android or iOS.


SWORKIT The perfect workout for anyone.

sworkit fitness app

Simply work it or Sworkit is an easy to use and easy to do exercise app. You have video instruction, verbal cues and you can customise your own workout. Choose from strength training, cardio, yoga and stretching.

♥ This app tailors your workout to how much time you have. Running late for work and only have 5 minutes? No problem. There is an exercise for that.

♥ Mixes up your workout and you can try a different exercise every day. Plus you get to create your own work out.

☹ Only 20 pre loaded work outs to choose from. More variety would be awesome.


1 Get it now on Android or iOS.




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