I tried the BE LIKE ME meme generator & it just got weird…

So by now you have seen the Be Like Me series. A stick person with a beanie gives you life advice and tells you to be more like them. I went to the Be Like Me meme generator and really didn’t like the first one. So I took it a couple of times and it just got weirder. Here is that journey.

I didn’t like or appreciate this. So I tried again. (And does posting pictures of delicious vino mean that I drink a lot?)


Take 2: this is true. I really do love all types of music.


Take 3: I love seeing concerts and live shows. And yes I don’t experience these through my camera lens.


Take 4: what a joke! There is no way I do any of this. Although I have started running, but I haven’t run 10kms yet.


I do speak my mind, but who hates me? Reveal yourself.


This meme is telling me something I had no idea about. Really I have offspring??


Who is this friend? The only reason I wouldn’t be testing my friends is because I have no idea that they are colourblind.


Lies! That would be a missed opportunity. The urge would be too strong.


And then I got some unsolicited relationship advice:

11 12

Want to see your own Be Like Me memes? Go here and don’t take it too personally. 

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