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I’m the worst type of person. I’m a lazy outsourcer. If there is a task on my to do list that might mess up my schedule I’ll find any means possible to either not do it or find someone I can pay to do it for me.

A few weeks ago I offered to put together a gift for a disadvantaged child as part of a Christmas initiative a few friends were running. The idea is to go out and buy select necessity items as well as some sweets and a toy. My gift was intended for a little girl. My friend said she could collect but I got hit with Laryngitis and ended up at a doctor. A few days later I did a shop after work and got all my gifting items. I also picked up a gorgeous Frozen gift bag to put everything in.

wumdrop website

The plan was to drop the gift off at the collection point on my way to a meeting in the area on the final day of collections. The morning of, my client postponed the meeting. Leaving work to drop off the gift was now a problem for me. It wasn’t viable and so I did what I always do in these situations – find someone I could pay to do it for me. I’d heard a few rumblings about Wumdrop online. When the app first launched in Cape Town I was curious. When it came to Johannesburg I wanted in but it didn’t operate where I lived at that point.

frozan santa shoebox

As my offices are based in Sandton I opened the website and decided to input the collection and delivery details to see what it would cost me. The quote came back at R80. My big concern was that the package needed to be collected and delivered the very day I was on the site (it was roughly 10:30am when I first logged in). Deciding to just give it a go in the hope that it worked I placed the order.

It’s a few minutes to submit your order and pay. No mess. No fuss. I would presume the app is much the same. After ordering I received a mail saying my Wumdrop was being processed. I received a text a few minutes later:


I still had the site open and, being the controlling human I am, when a small message box popped up in the bottom right hand corner with one of those “how can we help you” messaging systems I immediately enquired if my package would be delivered same day. The response was swift and confirmed that my package would leave my office and go straight to its delivery address.

Then this Wumpdrop message was texted through:


Within a few seconds this was followed up by a text letting me know that Happy was on route. I asked the online messaging box if it would be possible to meet me on level 3 in the basement of my offices. This would save Happy a trip up to our offices and speed up the hand over process.

No Problem.

Ten minutes later Happy arrived, we did a sneaky basement swop (I’m sure it looked rather dodgy to onlookers) and Happy was on his way. My package was delivered around 45 minutes later.

frozen santa shoebox

I really was so impressed with Wumdrop service. What an absolute pleasure and completely stress free. I think for deliveries in and around your town this is a great service and one I’d definitely recommend. Wumdrop currently operates in Cape Town and Johannesburg. After using the service I did some reading. Wumdrop will pick up one hour after your order is placed and delivery is dependent on distance. They can carry up to 15kg parcels and up to 500kg for business clients (and prior arrangement).

wumdrop driver

The service insures all deliveries to the value of R40 000 at no extra cost to you. The service operates from 7am to 6pm week days but, if you want to Wumdrop after hours you can do so via prior arrangement. The service charges R12/km which is just fine if you find yourself in a bind and need something delivered.

The Wumdrop app can be found in the Apple Store here and Play Store here.

Disclaimer: No freebies. No discounts. This post wasn’t sponsored either. Rad service gets a thumbs up and endorsement from me. Simple. 

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