Do bloggers need to apply self censorship?

Isn’t it funny how blogging works? You start off sharing every little detail about yourself online. My first blog, That Place In My Head, predominantly focused on my very embarrassing dating escapades. I had a small following, in fact I think it was probably just my mom and granddad reading it. I had no problem airing my dirty laundry and sharing all of my personal life for the public.

And then it changed.

As my twitter following and readership grew I became uncomfortable about being so open regarding my personal life. I no longer wanted my intimate dating life all over the net. Suddenly I stopped voicing my opinions on issues or jumping in to a debate. I began to censor my commentary.

It seems a bit strange. You build an audience based on what you share and then stop sharing it because now you have an audience. It doesn’t make sense when I type it out. The question of do bloggers need to apply self censorship was the starting point for our monthly, The Cake Is A Lie Podcast, that I record with Zoe Hawkins. We started there and soon moved on to discussing Essena O’Neill, the Kardashians and quitting Twitter. I’ve embedded the latest episode below. You can listen online or download for later.


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