Bytesized | 2 October 2015

Bytesized. Your weekly digital dose of all things tech in snackable bytes.


I started watching The Office season 3 this week. I forgot how funny this show is and how it always left me satisfied. That’s what she said.

the office michael scott


I love Alan Partridge and this website provides an hour edit of Mr. Partridge himself getting lucky. Enjoy. 


endomondo app


After a two year hiatus, I decided to take up running this week. Gone are the days of running with an old iPod and using a heart rate monitor. Exercise has gone digital and social. Endomondo is a great app to track your distance, time, calories and it keeps you motivated as your friends can see exactly what you have done. Android/ iOS



New host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, started on Monday. Whenever I get sucked into what is wrong with South Africa I always watch some of his stand up comedy – he has a great way of making our hang ups seem awesome. This video is from 2014 but is still hilarious. Watch as he introduces Africa to the world.


Spotify and Netflix are cooler than Sony and Rolex. These people have clearly never owned a Rolex or a Sony HD Curved TV. Like what are you going to watch your Netflix on?

Bytesized. Your weekly digital dose of all things tech in snackable bytes. #BytesizedSA

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