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A Crisis of Feminism – The Cake is a Lie Podcast

Zoe Hawkins over at Lazygamer (she has been known to guest post on this blog as well) and I have decided to record a monthly podcast. In it, we’ll chat about geek girl things from a gadgets and gaming perspective. We’ll also touch  on anything that catches our fancy.

You can expect these to come out around the 15th of each month.

Our podcast is available on iTunes. Search iTunes for “The Cake is a Lie Podcast”. Alternatively you can subscribe to our Soundcloud feed here. Or just listen right now:

This month we chat about the current Uber debacle raging on in South Africa and worldwide. We also touch on “a crisis of feminism”. I’m struggling to keep up on when I’m offending another woman, never mind when men do it. I’ve always considered myself a feminist yet, these days, I feel guilty for liking it when a man opens a car door for me. I don’t identify with many of the antics I see on social media under the umbrella “feminism” yet, I am a feminist… or am I?

Zoe and I discuss this a bit more. We also completely objectify South African rugby player Ryan Kankowski.

Let us know what you think?

The Cake is a Lie Podcast The Cake is a Lie Podcast

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