Mobile Games You Have to Own

We love our smartphones and tablets, they keep us busy while waiting for those always-late friends at coffee, and they are the perfect gaming on the go devices while chilling in bed or on the couch. I am always looking for new games and experiences on my iPhone, so I find myself downloading everything and anything every week. To make your life easier, these are the games you should have on your mobile or tablet, no excuses!

Farmville: Harvest Swap (Android /iOS)
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I get so over Candy Crush at times, you hit that level and you cannot go any further, or you just run out of lives. This is where Farmville: Harvest Swap comes in. The game plays like the traditional match-three puzzle game, but with fruits and veg, and everything we love from Farmville. Some levels see you harvesting a certain amount of carrots to lure the rabbits out and open a new puzzle area, and some levels are just about gathering enough points. The game is pretty great to have on your phone, it’s cute and will keep you busy whether you are stuck in the dark thanks to Eskom, or just lying in bed with your electric blanket on.

Fallout Shelter (iOS / Android Soon)

Fallout is a massive RPG, and one of the main setting for the game revolves around a vault that everyone hides in during the Nuclear War. In Fallout Shelter you manage this vault. Your job is to make sure everyone has enough food and water to survive, assign different people different jobs to make the place run smoothly, and every now and then fight off a wave of invaders that come in with machetes and think they can take all your rations. Hell no! The game doesn’t require much of your time as resources run out at a slow pace, meaning you won’t need to check on your Dwellers every second minute.

Blades of BRIM (iOS / Android Soon)

I am not a massive fan of endless runners, but when I saw BRIM I thought I would try it out. The game takes the whole endless running scenario, adds in the ability to attack monsters while running, and a great gear system that will find you running just to try get better gear. There are tons of characters to unlock, a few hundred pieces of gear including armor, swords, helmets and more. Each of these help your character by improving hit damage or increasing the time that he or she can hold a certain boost. BRIM is a must for those who love Sonic Dash, Subway Surfers, and Temple Run.

Slayin (Android / iOS)

Slayin brings back so many memories of classic NES. The game is borderline endless, but fun at the same time. You get to play as different classic RPG classes, knight, mage, archer etc. You are placed in a small area where you have to fight off monsters by using your classes’ attacks. You rack up gold by fighting and building a combo, and spend this gold in a store to improve your stats. The game is pretty classic thanks to its 16-bit soundtrack, sprites, and controller design. I wouldn’t even say it was crazy difficult.

Alphabetty Saga (Android / iOS)

Back when I was small we had Bookworm, the cutest worm ever that would sit next to a bunch of letters and cheer you on as you put together words. Alphabetty is the same concept by King, the makers of Candy Crush. You go through levels spelling out words by linking letters together. Getting four or more will transform a tile into a swipe tile, and making larger words will get you to the end faster. It is like Bookworm, but the modern day version.

Point Blank Adventures (Android / iOS)
Who remembers Point Blank? Point Blank was an arcade game that was released on PlayStation. Back in the day. The game utilized a gun attachment that you used to shoot on the TV. Point Blank on the iPhone is the same concept, but this time your finger is the gun. Playing through levels shooting fish, avoiding bombs, and getting the highest score. It’s not brain surgery, but it will keep you busy.

Honourable Mentions

Lara Croft: Relic Run (Android / iOS)

Plants Vs Zombies 2 (Android / iOS)

Cooking Dash 2016 (Android / iOS)

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