5 Social Media Truths

Social media… you are doing it wrong. Here are 5 social media truths you need to know.

1. So how’s my social media?

this is how I'm doing on twitter

The same goes for those Today’s Top Followers and Thanks For Following tweets.

2. We’re Facebook friends, not REAL friends


We’ve all done it. You know everything about your Facebook friend, but when you see them in public you go out of your way to avoid them.

3. Social media is a highlights reel

Act happy for our FB friends

Unless you have one of those friends that posts EVERYTHING about themselves online, including how much they hate their jobs/partner/food/life, you are actually only seeing the best parts of everyone’s day.

4. What’s your modelling agency called…instagram?

famous on instagram

Or maybe I’m just jealous. There are a lot of people who are instafamous and they are probably laughing at this from their pool filled with money.

5. Stalking is okay

stalking on social media

You haven’t seen a friend in years, yet when you meet you ask about her second breakup, new cat and trip to Italy.  Remember you are not a stalker but a social media analyst.



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