Just found this pic of Digit as a puppy from 2014. ??

Win all the Razer things!

Today is Wednesday. In exactly 4 weeks from now it will be Christmas eve and, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, there is a good chance you’ll be away from your desk and enjoying some “me” time. To make sure that me time is as awesome as possible I’ve hunted down some of the best gadgets around to hand out during the holidays. We gave away an HTC phone last week as well as Lumineer tickets… this week?

A rather rad Razer hamper (today is also alliteration day, it seems)!

Whether you plan to spend the upcoming public holidays gaming until your house begins to smell like something died in it (it did, by the way) and you’re crushed by an alarming amount of Monster cans on opening your bedroom door or your goal is to suntan on the beach and block the world out – this prize is one you want to grab.


We’ve got a Razer hamper consisting of:


Razer Kraken Headphones valued at around R700, an Invicta elite dual-sided gaming mouse mat valued at around R700 and a Razer Elite Fan Pack.

Let’s cut to the chase – want to win? It’s simple, tell me below why you deserve to win. Tweet about the giveaway and you get a bonus entry. We’ll choose a winner via random draw next week.

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  1. You know that wonderful expo we call rAge that runs a LAN for the entire weekend each year? Yeah, well, this year I decided to participate as I’ve always wanted to, and I’ve heard of people’s things getting stolen but you never think Iit’ll happen to you.
    See, my pc was right in front of the door, meaning right in front of security. But that didn’t prevent a guy from stealing my brand new, neon yellow Razer Kraken Pros. It was my first legit headset I’ve ever owned, as I only had speakers up until then, and I’m quite sad about losing them.
    I’ve been entering competitions since then to win them back, because I’m a student and R1000 for headphones is something I don’t have.

    You can’t get anymore worthy than that.

  2. I am a software developer and as everyone knows it’s a very stressful job. Nothing makes it less stressful than numerous cups of coffee and good music.Now what sucks is that I am using cellphone earphones and the quality SUCKS!!!!! So I need such awesome headphones, not only for work but for gaming and for bragging rights…. And I need a mouse pad because I’m sick and tired with my mouse sliding out of place because of the dust gathered on the rubber grips, so annoying. And the fan pack because I’m a fan… And I won’t say no to the puppy :)…

    Wait, does it come with the puppy? *curious grin*

  3. Perfect Christmas gift for the hubby, his headphones are a few years old now and has been hinting for the last few weeks. Digit is gorgeous!

  4. I need new headphones because I just bought my gf some new ones – and now I’m too broke to get my own.

    Also mouse pad would be nice.

  5. I love Razer and need equipment to keep up with my fast fingers, attentive ears and all round competitive gaming needs <3

  6. Spending so much time strolling Draenor, I could really do with this as my stock-standard el-cheapo mouse results in a lot of death. MY death. Please help me out and save me from resurrection fatigue? The future of Azeroth depends on it!

  7. It would make an awesome Christmas gift for myself and I have had a very busy year, so I actually would like to treat myself 😀

  8. I love razing stuff! I raze all the time! Some people say I have a problem, but they’re just jealous of my skills as a razer. So, clearly I should get more Razer stuff.

  9. I want the competitive edge to feel like a professional gamer while I play games to avoid the parental units during Xmas time …. It’s not my fault if I accidentally lock the gaming room…”they” still think its the study … bwhahahahaha … and I have my pro
    Razer Kraken Headphones on (which I have to use because it was the best Xmas gift from my favorite blog) and I just CAN NOT HEAR THEM …

  10. So I can watch tv and listen to my kinda music without disturbing hubby and the whole neighbourhood

  11. I know the “doglet” isn’t included to play with…but I think the best way for me to spend the festive season is behind the gaming PC on a LAN playing the guys at my husband’s office. They will be green with envy if I am geared better than them.

  12. well apart from the fact that my current headset broke; I think winning this prize would make an awesome Christmas gift to myself, meaning I will have at least 1 (well 3 actually) gift under tree this year

  13. Loving the 7.1 Razer kraken headphones, big music and gaming fan. I’m studying sound design in AFDA, and these headphones would be the grandest thing to me if I won. Just entering for the fun of it 🙂 . It would be awesome to win it , especially during this upcoming festive season. Good luck to all.

  14. I am hearing impaired, lost about 40%of my hearing, so good headphones are indispensable in my life. Also my laptop was stolen and my insurance refused to pay out so having to buy a new one out of pocket, the mouse would come in handy and mean I have to buy one less thing.

  15. I need it I want it I deserve it – I’ve been good all year – honestly
    Everyone would be happy if this came my way the neighbours the children and hubby – they will have peace and quiet and a happy mother neighbour and wife

  16. I would love to win this hamper, because I am a total gamer, who has been trying to get my hands on the Razer keyboard for months now but finances have been limiting so winning this hamper would be my Christmas wish come true!

  17. So want to win this as I always admired Razer’s products and am even a fan of their fb and twitter

    sites but can never afford such wonderful things! would be an awesome christmas gift if I had to win as I am in need of new headphones to game with

  18. i deserve to win because i admire razor products and even follow them on social media and ive always wantes to to own my own razor products

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