A Projector for Ants – X-Project Pro WiFi Review



R8499.99 (available at Incredible Connection)

What you need to know:

  • Small portable projector with a remote
  • Supports many formats
  • 100 lumens bulb (it’s bright and clear indoors, with adequate colour)


What we think you should know:

X-Project Pro WiFi by xsories is a fun portable projector. It’s lightweight, has a handy carrier pouch and is tiny (and by tiny I mean that it could fit in a big pocket). It’s sad that the drive-in is something of the past, because watching a movie against a wall has become a novelty, but it’s also extremely convenient. Make yourself cozy, and once you’ve filled your immediate surrounding with snacks, use the remote to navigate through your options.

The X-Project Pro is an Android device which means that it’s compatible with a plethora of video formats. The projector accepts HDMI signals. It can also be connected to a WiFi network which makes it possible to find other devices that support the DLNA file sharing standard. This means that the X-Project Pro can stream files right from other compatible devices. The built in-in full size USB port means that files can be searched and played directly from attached storage devices like a flash drive or hard drive.

The X-Project Pro comes with a remote control. It’s a simple plastic remote with a number of buttons and it succeeds in navigating the player interface. The interface itself is clunky and overly complicated in comparison with other players. The 100 Lumen bulb projects admirably on an intimate scale. There is a speaker built-in and there is a 3.5 audio out jack to connect to external sound systems. It’s easy to adjust focus with the lens dial and the X-Project Pro can be mounted on a tripod so that it can be positioned at your convenience.

The software settings allow the display to be adjusted to display correctly when projecting onto coloured surfaces. You can even set up the projector behind the display surface or mount it from the ceiling – the picture can be reversed or flipped to adjust. Unfortunately, probably because of the diminutive size, the perspective cannot be adjusted when projecting at awkward angles.

Our personal experience using the W-Project Pro was a mixed bag. The cooling fan was rather loud. Because of the built in battery we had a large amount of flexibility, but it when the system hung it had the unexpected result of spinning the cooling fan loudly without projecting any visuals or audio until the battery lost charge. We also found that the built-in speaker was quite low at times when playing back video files – which was odd since the demo video that plays is quite loud.


So rad:

  • Supports all the popular video file formats like .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mkv and .3gp
  • Great picture quality

Makes us sad:

  • The sound is not very good
  • Like the projectors in the classrooms of old, it gets pretty loud when it starts heating up
  • A bit out of my price range for something that is essentially “nice to have”


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