How to print Instagram pics yourself, at home!

Stores like Nifty250 have made it rather easy for you to choose your Instagram pics and print a select few to decorate your walls or fridge. But imagine if you didn’t have to go online, order and wait for a delivery. Wouldn’t life be far more simple if home DIY projects could be thought up and completed in little under an hour?
Well they can. Here’s how to print Instagram pics yourself, at home.
First you need to head on over to the Orange South Africa store and purchase the Xsories Pixsprint Pocket WiFi printer. It’s a cute light weight printer that fits snuggly in your hand (or your handbag). It’s small and portable. It costs R1720.
The Orange South Africa store also supplies paper and ink refills for the Xsories Pixsprint printer. For 30 pieces of photo paper and 3 ink ribbons you’re looking at R295. It’s easy to load up the paper and the ink.
Once your little printer is set up you’ll need to download a free app called Pringo to your phone or tablet (it is also accessible via your laptop or desktop PC).
Currently Pringo is available for iOS and Android devices only. Boo! It’s really easy to use and you can even take pictures within the app.
Connecting the little printer via WiFi took all of a few minutes. It was extremely simple and easy to do.
You simply select which photos you want to print, lay them out, maybe choose a fun new filter if your original Instagram pic is boring you and boom – you have a photo!
The photo comes out of the printer once or twice and is layered in different ink colours before the final photo is produced. Maybe I’m weird but I rather enjoyed watching this process.
The final result is your Instagram print printed on photo paper in a small almost iPhone 5s screen size format.
You’ll notice the white line on the top of my photo and a white line at the bottom. I made the error of inserting the paper incorrectly. By rights that white bit should be at the bottom and can be removed – the idea is that you don’t get grubby finger prints on your precious pics or smudge them while they’re drying (it takes a few seconds, much like a Polaroid pic).
After playing around with the Xsories Pixsprint Pocket WiFi Printer for a bit I got some fun pictures printed and am now planning to make myself a unique pin board to add them to. It’s so much fun printing at home and relatively easy as well.
I did a quick cost comparison – for 30 pics from Nifty250 you’re looking to spend about R120 not including shipping. So while the Xsories Pixsprint Pocket Printer is fun it isn’t all that practical on your pocket despite allowing you to print your Instagram pics yourself.

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