Release the Kraken! (and the Pandas & the Hooligans)



What you need to know:

  • Over ear/full-sized headphones
  • Fold-able for mobility
  • 40mm neodymium magnet drivers
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

What we think you should know:

The name might put you off, Razer’s Kraken E-Panda Hooligan Edition headphones doesn’t have the same ring to it as, say, Skull Candy…. but ignore that for a minute and appreciate the design of these babies. They’re covered in faux leather with a bronze finish. For a bit of funk they’ve got a sunglassed Panda on the cans with a Bronzed gold “Hooligan” embossed onto the headband. These headphones look classy and design wise punch way above their pricing bracket. They’re plastic and yet don’t look it. I liked that.


Considering the Kraken E-Panda Hooligan Edition Headphones came from Razer, I expected gaming headphones. Taking them out the box I realised there was no inbuilt microphone or volume control. These guys are purely designed for listening to music and audio. Not really a big surprise considering they were custom designed for Eric “E-Panda” Hernandez, the session and tour drummer for Bruno Mars (who also happens to be his brother). Hernandez isn’t successful because of nepotism, he also backs Taio Cruz and has drummed for the likes of Sting, Rihanna, Gym Class Heroes and the Far East Movement. Take a look at that line up and you’ll get a feel for Hernandez music style and my next point will make complete sense.

The headphones are bass heavy.

My go to when trying out headphones is to play Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. However Freddie Mercury’s high notes can be, at times, drowned out by the bass. However, considering the trend of modern music there is a good chance the bass heavy tones aren’t going to bug you all that much. Despite my concerns with the heavy bass the sound quality is far better than other headphones in this price range. They’re also extremely light at about 300 grams, so wearing them for long periods is a pleasure.

"Bitching" headphones require a duck face right?
“Bitching” headphones require a duck face right?

For the most part I really liked these headphones. I love over ear cans so these suited me to a T. I thought the design was really slick and funky and generally? They’re just a great pair of headphones and I think a far better purchase than other brands in the same price range.

So rad:

  • Funky design
  • Uber light and comfy to wear

Makes us sad:

  • Not suited to gaming at all
  • Not as foldable as the marketing claimed – they are a bit chunky in a handbag

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