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What we think you should know:

Knowing how much I’d like the concept, my friend Adam alerted me to an app called Secret. Similar to Whisper, it’s an anonymous social network and as the name states, people reveal their secrets which they deem too sensitive to post on more traditional social platforms.


Fellow users have the option to ‘like’ each other’s secrets and comment on them. A location is attached to every secret shared, which means you can at least see where the secret was posted from.

The app identifies people from your contacts and when one of them posts a secret, it will say that they’re ‘in your circle’. It is fun trying to match secrets to people you know, but I got bored within a couple of days. The reason? The app does not refresh. At all. I am still reading the same secrets I did last weekend. When I go onto the ‘friends’ tab, I am told that I am restricted and all my friends’ secrets will be revealed once I have ‘three friends using the app’. Really? Perhaps this is also the reason the app doesn’t refresh in the ‘explore’ tab either. Either way I feel that it misses the entire point of the app. It’s like I am excluded from the gang just because I don’t have enough friends using it.

Screenshot_2014-05-31-20-10-48  Screenshot_2014-05-31-20-07-49-1

I still go into the app from time to time to see if it finally has new secrets for me, but alas no. I can’t even find the ones that I know Adam has posted.

If the app worked properly, I would be an addict, no doubt.

So rad:

  • Lots of juicy secrets when I downloaded it at first

So sad:

  • It has problems refreshing and loading new secrets

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