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A Cape Town Tech and Digital Conference with an all women speaking line up? YES PLEASE

My friend Lynette is a business owner and well known face in the South African technology space. She runs an app development company and has been vocal in the past about how disappointing many of the local conferences and workshops are. For the most part they consist of a bunch of old white men standing on stage lecturing people on transformation or speaking at "Women in Tech" events. My favourite…

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What companies are actually doing to empower Women in Tech : The theory vs the reality

A message from Sam: This was a guest post from my friend Lynette. She has contributed to the blog before and I thought it would be really worthwhile to publish this because a lot of what she highlights are issues I've seen time and time again. There is a lot of "loud" noise about empowering females in the tech space but despite the campaigns, the shouts and the social banter…

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What it’s really like being a Woman In Tech (and a mother)

One word…draining. Seriously. I’ve been in this profession for 20 years now and a student for at least 8 years before – so I’ve been around the block. I am the best in my field.  I’ve got an amazing portfolio to back me up and am recognised as an industry leader but still find myself needing to raise my hand to speak and raise my voice to be heard at…

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How I survived the first 3 years as a startup in the tech industry

It has definitely been among the three most difficult years of my life, but certainly the most fulfilling. 3 Years On: The journey so far A few weeks ago I reached the second milestone in my company’s career – the 3 year anniversary (the first milestone was reaching 1000 days in business). Like any major milestone in one’s life, such as a relationship anniversary or child’s birthday, this felt no…

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Good night stories for Rebel Girls

In a world that appears to be full of the Kardashians and celebrity fame, it is good to finally find topics of substance that I can share with my 9-year-old. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Publisher: Penguin Books RRP: 426 I heard about this book towards the middle of last year and was keen on getting a copy, but due to publication rights (they had sold the rights to…

Good night stories for Rebel Girls

NAO will be at EduWeek!

The SABC Education Africa EduWeek kicks off tomorrow and it is set to be a cracker. Event organisers are expecting more than 70 technology workshops to run, there are 120 local and international exhibitors AND 20 free to attend seminars. What am I most excited about though? NAO NAO is a robot. In fact, he is the most widely used robot for academic purposes worldwide. He was developed by Aldebaran…

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