Hosting the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 event

Desk hosting & commentating on this CS2 event

I started 2024 off as a desk host for the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 event. BLAST Premier has, for many years, been desk hosted by the incredibly talented Freya Spiers. Stepping into such giant shoes, in a studio I consider synonymous with her was, to put it bluntly, terrifying. It was also thrilling. Having the ability to stamp my own style on this Tier 1 event and add to the stories that will inevitably follow these teams throughout the BLAST Premier Spring circuit is something special.


For a long time this blog was a space for gadget and gaming reviews. It morphed into a space for esports news and opinion pieces. As the internet turned more towards short form content on social media apps this space on the internet didn’t really have a space. I’ve begun to use it more as a time capsule to commemorate the work I’ve done on various broadcasts. Moving in to 2024 I plan to do the same while also maybe bringing back some longer form content pieces where the need arises. Back to BLAST Premier Spring Groups though. For me, this was a couple of firsts all rolled into one show:

My first broadcast for 2024.

My first time doing a 2 person analysis section on broadcast – I was teamed up with Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen a talented ex pro-player.

My first time working two back to back S-Tier events – when BLAST ended I’d be on a plane travelling to Poland for another S-Tier event over 2 weeks.

I mentioned it at the start but I need to mention it again – I was super nervous about this gig. I have been trying to work on my hosting style for awhile now and differentiate it. I know what I like in a desk: less stats, more narrative. The story is always the hook for me as the stats are readily available online most of the time. I also have slowly been trying to “find myself” as a broadcaster. I have a bit of spunk and I like to poke the bear a bit (and by bear, I mean analysts). I do think there is a very fine line for a host though. Poking the bear to get more banter out of your analysts can very quickly turn in to you looking like your hogging the microphone and being difficult. Something a woman also has to be far more cognizant of. Here’s a great example: during BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 I made a comment that Heroic were playing like trash. I used those very words. This new roster, for me, had strong fire power and potential to do great things (which they proved in later events in 2024 so I rest my case). But they’d just lost 2-0 to Cloud9 going 13-5 and 13-1. Despite knowing better, I opened an HLTV forum thread which consisted of a few people getting very triggered that I’d made this comment. Countless replies ensued but the opening poster finally said, in a few more words, that I was right and Heroic were playing like trash but that not only had I not earned the right to say that, it was also too mean to say it. I struggled to get my head around that one.

@techgirlza Come to work with me as I host the #BLASTPremier spring groups! #cs2 #counterstrike #gamingontiktok #techgirlza #DITL #CapCut #esports ♬ RIHANNA x SEAN PAUL x MR VEGAS mashup by K D – Kevindaveprod

Anyway, my point is, I’m still trying to find my voice. I know what it is but as a relative newcomer to this level of broadcast I still need to find balance. I also need to find a way to adjust quickly to new analysts. My badgering style of asking lots of questions and really trying to push analysts to give us those big takes can sometimes be a bit aggressive on camera and towards the analyst. So I’m working on this. I love how this has become a weird break down of my work style versus what it was supposed to be – a recap of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 event!

The Results


We had some great games and it was awesome being able to see teams, for the first time in 2024 in a LAN environment. It was a first look at the Team Liquid, Astralis, Heroic and Falcons lineups in action and set a great foundation for the rest of the year. The BLAST Premier Spring Groups event determines which teams make the final event. This particular Spring Final will be held at the O2 arena in London later this year. It would be a dream to host that (and would probably make it my first ever stadium event) but I’m not sure if I’m even in the running for something of that magnitude. Right now, I’m grateful BLAST gave me the opportunity to showcase what I had to offer on the Premier product. It was also mega exciting to see Astralis, FaZe, Vitality, NAVI, VirtusPro and G2 all qualify for London. A few weeks later the Showdown event took place (without a host) and SAW and Team Spirit joined the teams.

What’s next


Considering it has taken me SO long to write this, by now you likely know what followed. I really do hope I can work with BLAST again this year. They were the tournament organiser that gave me my first CS Major and allowed me space to show what I was capable of. I hope I can so again on their Counter-Strike offerings!

As per usual, there is a Facebook photo album of images from the event that you can find by clicking here.

All photos courtesy of BLAST & Vexanie 


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