G Sport Awards 2023

Three awards shows and a win!

DSTV Content Creator Awards, G Sport women in sport awards, South Africa's 40 under 40 Awards

At the 2023 DSTV Content Creator Awards I was nominated in the Sports Fan Category for my work in content creation in esports. At the 2023 South Africa’s 40 under 40 Awards I was nominated in the Sports category for my Esports Broadcast work. At the 2023 G Sport Women in Sport Awards I was a double finalist both in the Social Media Category and Special Recognition Category for my work in esports upliftment in South Africa.

South African 40 under 40 Awards

South African 40 under 40

I’ve always maintained that the reason I love my esports broadcast and content creation work is because I love telling the stories of the incredible players we get to see compete. I do not enjoy being the story but rather much prefer playing a role in telling and creating the narratives that encourage fans to keep watching esports and supporting their favourite players and teams. I had to change that attitude a little bit in recent months after I ended up being the story – following various nominations for South African Awards.

I was nominated and WON the Sports category for the South Africa 40 under 40 Awards for 2023. This was a huge surprise and an honour to be recognised for the work I’ve done in building an international career in esports broadcast. The awards show saw the Deputy President of South Africa, Paul Mashatile, give a special recognition speech to the award winners. His message was one of growing young South African entrepreneurs and ensuring our skills continue to get the necessary support needed to allow us to grow. I was really not expecting to win considering how niche esports is (so niche that they keep putting it in the Sports category!).

G Sport Awards 2023

G Sport Awards 2023

DSTV Content Creator Awards 2023

I was also a double finalist at the G Sport Awards 2023. G Sport is a South African organisation that works tirelessly to promote women in sport in South Africa. I was a finalist in the Social Media and Special Recognition Categories. Women throughout the country who are celebrated athletes as well as incredible ladies working behind the scenes, are celebrated at the G Sport Awards. I was completely overwhelmed sitting behind Banyana Banyana’s goal keeper. There were Olympic Gold Medalists at the ceremony. The imposter syndrome hit hard. I absolutely love what G Sport is doing to build women in sport locally. I also was extremely appreciative that they recognised esports and included me in the celebration.

DSTV Content Creator Awards 2023

For a second year running I was once again the only gaming content creator recognised at the DSTV Content Creator Awards. Last year I was nominated in Podcast of the Year but for 2023 I found myself as one of the four finalists in the Sports Fan Category. It was an extremely competitive field and I loved how my fellow nominees all contributed to growing their chosen sport – be it rugby or football. I always worry that esports is so far removed from the general understanding of sport, but being constantly recognised in 2023 has made me realise we are such a strong industry independent of anything else.

Awards don’t matter. Nominations don’t matter. I find far more accomplishment in contributing to an incredible Counter-Strike tournament or creating a podcast that inspires someone to find their way into esports. Regardless, it is nice to be recognised and I’m extremely humbled by all the love and support I received leading up to and during all these award shows!


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