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Counter-Strike content at Gamers8

a recap of an esports event I worked on

A few weeks ago I received a very last minute call to head to Saudi Arabia to do some sideline reporting for Gamers8 – which was a large single elimination Counter-Strike tournament taking place in the Middle East. I think I had all of three or four days to pack my things and get on a plane. I was actually on another broadcast when the call came in so it was very much a matter of finishing one job and leaving for the next. I think I’m steadily finding my footing and style when it comes to Desk hosting CS, but sideline reporting is still a skill I’m trying to perfect. Gamers8 was an opportunity for me to work on this skill while also having a chance to once again watch my favourite teams and players compete at the highest level.

Vitality Apex

I had the opportunity to do some sideline reporter work during ESL Challenger Katowice so Gamers8 was the next opportunity to hone my skills and work on my interactions with players. I think sideline reporters or interviewers have one of the toughest jobs. You want to give the audience something interesting and insightful from their favourite players while also respecting the integrity of the competition and the level of nerves which come with that. I think I still have a lot of work to do but I did enjoy these two interviews which were recorded during Gamers8.

I think the insights in these interviews also had a bit more longevity than just for broadcast which is why I decided to share them on my YouTube channel as well. I’ve said it an awful lot but I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to do more Counter-Strike broadcast work. Being able to chat to players I’ve watched and looked up to for so long is really something special and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly.

Counter-Strike broadcast

Gamers8 was a learning curve for me about a lot of things in front of and behind camera. I’m hoping I can take these learnings on to my next broadcast job and hopefully improve on my craft. That’s really what this is all about. I want to be able to contribute to the best possible counter-strike tournament and show every time.


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