pubg global championship 2022

PUBG Global Championship 2022 – Photo Dump

In November 2022 I flew to Dubai for two weeks to host the PUBG Global Championship 2022. The best PUBG teams in the world competed to crown a global championship. I was the stage host and interviewer for the final weeks of this esports competition.

pubg global championship 2022

I’ve been working on European PUBG events since 2019. Which seems absurd when I write it down, but there you go. Being asked to host the Global Championship was such a huge career highlight for me and an incredible experience. I think it was especially awesome to get to hang out in real life with some of the European players, who I hadn’t had a chance to see since PUBG Europe League in 2019.

pubg global championship 2022

PUBG as an esport is a difficult one to do in real life because of the sheer number of players in each game. Having them all in a LAN setting requires a giant stage and space. It’s incredibly exciting to watch but somewhat terrifying to host because everything is far away from each other and always so incredibly big. Regardless, it was a well executed show and I didn’t fall once in my heels. Winning!

Obviously while there I created a host of content and really started getting into my TikTok groove.

@techgirlza Look of the day for the PUBG Global Championship (I’m the host of the show!) #esports #pubg #ootd #laracroft #fyp ♬ With great cuteness comes no responsibility – Purrcival

I’m a bit late to the party with this one BUT if you’re like to re-live the Global Championship, I dropped all the photos on a Facebook Photo Album which you can check out


pubg global championship 2022

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