Dreamhack Valencia

ESL Impact Valencia – Photo Dump

Desk Host for all women CSGO event in Spain

A few months ago I was asked to Desk Host the ESL Impact CSGO competition taking place at Dreamhack Valencia. ESL Impact is the female Counter-Strike league and series of tournaments run by ESL.

The event started with my luggage not arriving, which was madly stressful. Hedje, one of the analysts, found it at the airport and brought it to the hotel for me. We were besties from there on out. I joke, but seriously, meeting Hedje, Heccu and all the other incredible talent was something special. I feel like I’ve made great friends for life after the event, which is always special.

Dreamhack valencia

Many years ago I did a Nintendo event in Sweden and got photographed by the amazingly talented Vexanie, she was at this event and I have some more photos from her which I love so much.

Dreamhack Valencia

I also had the opportunity to host a desk with Anders as one of the analysts. Anders is like a Counter-Strike broadcast God, so it was definitely one of the highlights of my career to far. But HELL, I was so nervous. All in all Impact was a rad event. Also, for me, being back on a CSGO broadcast internationally was really special. I really REALLY want to work more CSGO events globally and do hope as the year ends out that becomes possible.

dreamhack valencia

If you’d like to see all the photos from the event:


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