Tech Girl Dreamhack Fortnite

Dreamhack Summer Fortnite event – Photo Dump

I shoutcasted on LAN!

I was invited to be a shoutcaster and analyst for Dreamhack Summer’s Fortnite event! The first Fortnite LAN in AGES took place at Dreamhack Summer in Sweden and I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and take on a new role in the broadcast.

Tech Girl Dreamhack Fortnite

I did some Dreamhack Fortnite events during Hard Lock Down (flip, Covid, remember that?) as a desk host. When the Dreamhack crew invited me back in a new role I figured I’d put in some extra work and try something a bit new. I think I summarised it in this tweet as best I could:

I was extremely lucky to be working with an amazing broadcast team who welcomed me into the Fortnite fam immediately. I’d worked with a few of them before online so that also made it easy to fit in and flow.

Tech Girl Dreamhack Fortnite

Reiss, my casting partner, was just the best though. I think his support and the ease in which we could bounce off each other really helped. I was also working with a production crew I LOVE, behind the scenes, so it made the transition a lot less nerve wrecking and tons of fun!

Tech Girl Dreamhack Fortnite

If you’d like to see all the photos from the event:



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