Air-Sanitising Humidifier

This Air-Sanitising Humidifier is a great addition to your Work From Home Space

Ionopure Purity System review

I work from home. When the pandemic hit, we all spent A LOT of time at home. When the world moved virtual my job, which is esports commentating, moved completely online. This meant I spent up to nine or ten hours in my home office, talking to a screen. I live in a two bedroom apartment with a small balcony. Sit in a room sealed up to improve sound, at night, for eight to nine hours and the air begins to feel almost heavy.

I can also feel the impact in my work. My voice goes raspy, my nose isn’t blocked but it feels like it is about to start. That’s usually a sign of fatigue but I don’t think it helps that I’m stuck in a small and confined space for long periods of time.

The Ionopure Purity System

Air-Sanitising Humidifier

Awhile back I was asked if I wanted to test out the Ionopure Purity System. It’s basically an air-sanitising humidifier. I’ve never used a humidifier. I wondered if there was any sort of benefit to my life to test it (a question I usually ask myself before I agree to review products)….. and then I wondered. So I agreed to try the unit.

Let me explain what it is and what it does:

The humidifier delivers a cold mist of Ionopure Air Solution, when it is turned on. The device silently releases a mist into the room. The solution that forms that mist is Ionopure Air, which is a solution that consists of 99% water and <1% HOCl/free available chlorine. If you didn’t do well in Chemistry, never fear, I’ve got you. Basically, the solution can be used around people, pets and plants. Its cleaner than most cleaning products because it has been electrolysed from salt and water. It’s also fragrance free.

The system does not “clean” the air, but it does release a disinfectant solution and much needed moisture. Which should help you breathe easier. Got it? Rad.

My experience with the Ionopure Purity System

Air-Sanitising Humidifier

Setting up the device is really easy. You need to purchase the solution separately. Out the box the system is pretty much a plug and play set up. Straight forward and within a few minutes you’re good to go. For the sake of testing this out, I set the device up in my Kitchen and Lounge. I ran it on maximum power till the solution I had used had run out. I think I used about a quarter of the bag of solution and the humidifier was running for hours. A few things I noticed:

I expected a sticky type residue from the mist but that wasn’t the case at all. After a few hours the room does have a fine mist settled on it but that didn’t bug me as much as I thought it would. The fog isn’t heavy, it’s feather light. There is no fragrance to the solution or mist but you can smell a slight chemical tinge in the air after use. Not the chemical tinge that hurts your nose though, it’s actually rather refreshing and I found it somewhat revitalising – so I won’t be using the Purity System at night.

Some thoughts

Air-Sanitising Humidifier

I definitely felt a difference using the unit. As I mentioned, I felt revitalised after the unit was on for a few hours. My original plan was to run it in my home office, but I found leaving it in my lounge and kitchen meant the entire apartment seemed to be impacted. It definitely reaches a big area. A big thing for me is that the chemicals used don’t damage the environment. I’m not going to make comments about cleaner air because I’m not a Scientist. However, I definitely felt a difference in my breathing and felt less voice fatigue after long hours of working on broadcast.

I didn’t know if I’d be sold on the Ionopure Purity Air System and was apprehensive when I started using it. But it really has made a difference, for me. I think it is something that could be extremely useful if you’re spending a lot of time at home, still working from home or just looking for a solution in your house to improve the way you feel and ultimately breathe during the day. The device itself costs R1 444 and the solution is R220 for 2L twin packs. You can find out more and shop by clicking here

I’ve also been using the Ionopure disinfectants and surface cleaners and they’re really good. I’ll share a bit more about those on social media soon.

Disclosure: I was sent an Ionopure Purity Air System to test out and keep. I was also sent some of the cleaning products to try. 


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