Halo TV Show

The Halo TV Show

Yes, you should watch it

Courtesy of Showmax, I had early access to watch the first two episodes of the new Halo TV Show a little bit early. This is my spoiler free write up about whether you should watch it or not (but I pretty much answered that in the title).

The bits you need to know

Halo TV Show

You’re here, which means you are familiar with Halo (I hope). It’s one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time. Now it is a TV show. Basically you’re going to follow Master Chief around (and if I have to explain who Master Chief is you might not be on the right blog) while he defends humanity from aliens while also dealing with the politics of the people behind the Spartans. Cortana is in the mix too (and they bring back the voice actor from the game… YASSS!). Right, up to speed? Good.

It’s not what you expect

Halo TV Show

I went in with zero expectations and it meant I came out of the first two episodes hyped. But the hardcore “take us seriously peasants” game journalists are not happy. While it utilises the world of Halo, if you’re expecting it to follow the game you’ll be disappointed. There’s a bunch of moments which will make the gamer in you squeal and a few nods to the game franchise that I really liked. But to me it feels like a completely different take. So don’t get upset – go in knowing that. It’s cheesy in places but the action is incredible and the opening battle had me so hyped. I really enjoyed the first two episodes. I enjoyed that my friends who don’t even know what Halo is, would likely be able to watch and enjoy too. That’s important.

It’s not perfect and I did struggle to understand a few bits of the plot, which I felt weren’t adequately explained BUT it is only two episodes in, so I’m willing to go the full mile with this one.

Seriously, watch it

Halo TV Show

Pablo Schreiber plays Master Chief and I think he does the whole “I can’t feel stuff but now I’m confused cause I can” vibe really well. I’ve been a fan of his for awhile though so I’m possibly a bit biased.

South African director Jonathan Liebesman also directs at some point which is always awesome (I stan for local talent, okay?). Some gaming media are trashing it and that is cool, they’re entitled to their opinion. They’ll hate on “influencers” who get excited because apparently we get excited about everything. I’m a glass half full kind of girl and I think this glass looks very promising. Watch the series, I think you’ll dig it.

Halo premieres on Showmax on Friday 25 March, with new episodes dropping each week. 

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