One month with the LG OLED C1 Television

*This post was written in collaboration with LG South Africa

In December, LG surprised me by delivering their LG OLED C1 television. It was perfect timing because December is just for playing games. Little did I know, ALL my time is for playing games now. Playing them on the OLED C1 television is heaven and I make a point of spending some quality time with it every day! Haha. 

I’ve given some more information on the television in this post and to reiterate what I said, take a look at this reel I made:

Meeting the LG OLED C1


The 48” beauty arrived and the moment I opened the box I was a bit nervous, because this baby is super thin. I was moving from a 55” TV to a 48 and, while they say size doesn’t matter, I was worried I’d feel a difference with the “smaller” television. I didn’t. The TV’s self-lit pixels create this amazing contrast ratio. The image quality jumps off the television and it looked SO MUCH better than my old TV. Set up was nerve wrecking because it is so thin and sleek. I was so worried I’d damage it. However, for the most part it was relatively simple. I love the brushed aluminium type finish of the base. The television looks amazing. 

What you need to know


It looks good in your lounge but the magic happens when you turn it on. The image quality on the 4K Smart TV is superb and setting it up was so easy. I use the LG ThinQ app which lets you control all your appliances via your smartphone. It took me less than twenty minutes to have Twitch, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Showmax and Apple TV all set up (I also got some free months on Apple TV when I logged in to the TV with my LG account). Once I was set up it was extremely easy to navigate and use the OLED C1. I love the remote, it has this adaptive arrow on the screen that follows your wrist, allowing for far easier navigation. We can talk about watching TV but, honestly, this television shines when it comes to gaming.

Gaming on the LG OLED C1 


I have an Xbox Series S, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch. I’ve used them all on this TV and it really is made for the next-gen consoles. The television can handle everything they throw at it and then some. Here’s the things you’ll love:

  • The lag time is so short at 12.6 milliseconds. 
  • I’ve mentioned the image quality, but the colour and contrast really pops when you’re playing games. The television also has a special game optimiser setting you can use which just upgrades the whole experience ten fold. 
  • There is HDMI 2.1 – so you’ll get high-frame rate support and low-latency mode
  • The TV has Nvidia G-Sync and is supported by Dolby Vision HDR at 120Hz

This TV was MADE for gaming. I’ve had so much fun with it and am constantly impressed by how it performs. It looks amazing, sounds incredible and when it is off, just looks so damn sleek in my house. I’ve always been a bit uninterested in televisions. They were there to serve a purpose but I didn’t care either way… until now. This LG OLED C1 is a beauty and I can’t imagine playing my games on anything else. Forza Horizon 5 was just epic on this with the way the sun glinted off the bonnets of the cars in game and how the music swirled around me as I started driving down the open road. The TV amplified the experience and added to the joy. 

It’s something special. If you’re a serious console gamer, you shouldn’t be looking anywhere else. Get the LG OLED C1. If you want to find out more about the TV including price and where to get yours, head on over to the LG website right now.

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