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Rainbow Six Siege Narrative Writer on Tech Girl Talks

Season Finale of the Tech Girl Talks Podcast

I can’t believe the time has come. Season 2 of the Tech Girl Talks Podcast comes to an end today with the final episode in the Season and Part 2 of our representation in video games conversation. To close out this episode we have an incredible guest who shares insight into the conversations around representation when developing a character in a video game. The incredible team at Ubisoft helped me tick off the final wish list guest for this episode and I’m so incredibly excited for you to take a listen and end the season on such a high note!

Rainbow Six Siege

rainbow six siege

For Part 2 of the Representation in Video Games conversation I really wanted to have a member of a game development team for a triple A title on the podcast. There is so much online discourse around this conversation and after having a gamer and member of the media weigh in, I thought it was important to include insight from an actual game dev – because we hardly hear their own views on the matter. I knew starting the season that I desperately wanted someone from the Rainbow Six Siege team because I’m a huge fan of the game and really felt they could give incredible insight to the discussion. After months of behind the scenes work, Narrative Writer Simon Ducharme joins me to discuss representation in video games and how it is handled by the Siege team. It’s such a great opportunity to really get an idea of what it takes to make a video game and I think you’ll really enjoy how we closed out the season.

Where to listen:

tech girl talks podcast

You can listen to the podcast via any of the links below. I’ve also embedded Apple Podcasts and Spotify links to make it a bit easier for you to find them.

Focus points for this episode:

  • Understanding the game development process
  • How character development takes place
  • Discussing the term “box ticking”
  • Ensuring accurate representation in video games

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It has been an absolute honour putting this season together and I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! 

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