mobile mini nebulizing diffuser

A Nebulizing Diffuser Review

I’m a bit obsessed with scents. I think they trigger certain emotions and feelings. Certain scents make me feel relaxed, revitalised or confident. For years I’ve tried to buy different scented candles for different rooms in the house to trigger particular feelings. I’ve also spent a fair bit of cash on those Reed Diffusers. It’s hit or miss usually, which can be frustrating…. and then I decided to try something else.

A nebulizing diffuser… with a difference

mobile mini nebulizing diffuser

I found this wireless and rechargeable mobile nebulizing diffuser from Organic Aromas. It works with essential oils and, the reason it appealed to me, is because obviously it is a cool gadget. Anything rechargeable that I can plug into a wall usually appeals, but I liked the idea I could spend a set amount of the diffuser and then purchase different oils to get various scents and simply change it up depending on which room I wanted a specific scent for.

mobile mini nebulizing diffuser

For me the best part about this mobile nebulizing diffuser is the cost save. Instead of splurging on candles and reed diffusers you spend one amount of the diffuser and then just purchase different oils. The diffuser comes with a hand-blown glass reservoir and two pipettes to allow you to ultimately get excess oil out and add a new one. It also has a little dropper, so you use that to add your desired oil. It uses such a small amount each time so your oils last for a long time!

My experience

mobile mini nebulizing diffuser

The mobile nebulizing diffuser was really easy to set up and use. It comes with an oil but I chose to buy two more aromatherapy essential oils. I went for Lavender for my lounge to compliment a candle I already had there and then Peppermint for my bedroom because that scent always helps me relax. The diffuser is on for 2 minutes and then turns off for a minute, on a two hour cycle. Its really good because a lot of the time the scent permeates through my entire two bedroom, two bathroom apartment…. and it smells SO good.

mobile mini nebulizing diffuser

I loved the sleek brushed aluminium finish of the diffuser and it fits really nicely into my space, without being too noticeable. It’s easy to charge and works a treat. If you want to take a look at getting one for yourself, I can highly recommend Organic Aromas – their mobile mini nebulizing diffuser is the one I have and I’m using their oils as well.

Disclosure: I was gifted with the mobile mini nebulizing diffuser and had a discount code for the oils I purchased. 

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