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Everything you need to know about Esports Organisations

Season 2 Episode 7 of Tech Girl Talks Podcast

Esports Organisations, MGOs, whatever you want to call them… there’s a lot to know about them. If you’re a professional player what should you be looking for in an organisation before agreeing to sign? What does an organisation actually do (this one comes up so much, its not just about twitter memes and rad graphics)? How does an esports organisation make money?


Which is the perfect lead in to the latest episode of my podcast series, Tech Girl Talks, right? Imagine if I could find someone to answer all of these questions and give you a stack of insight into how esports organisations run? I mean, you know I did so you don’t need to imagine.

Tech Girl Talks Podcast

Complexity Gaming in the house!

Tech Girl Talks Podcast

Nick “Ashes” Ridgeway is the Assistant General Manager for Complexity Gaming. He’s competed, coached and managed some of the best teams and players in the business. He also happens to work for Complexity Gaming, an organisation from the States steeped in history and success. If anyone or any organisation was going to truly be able to share great insight, it was always going to be this pairing. And they do! This is such an interesting podcast episode not only for professional gamers, but those looking to run their own esports organisation and even content creators. Nick was so much fun to chat to and I desperately want to go check out the Complexity headquarters in Texas now!

Where to listen?

Tech Girl Talks Podcast

The latest episode of the Tech Girl Talks Podcast, which focuses on industry discussions around esports and gaming is live, now, on all good podcast platforms.

Key talking points for this episode:

  • What Esports Organisations offer players?
  • Complexity’s unique offering
  • How Esports Organisations make money
  • Content Creators and Esports Organisations
  • What questions to ask when looking to sign to an Esports Organisation

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