HOBOT Legee 688

Meet the HOBOT Legee 688 4 in 1 Robot Vacuum


I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a robot vacuum cleaner for some time. The reason I haven’t made the plunge yet? Well, my apartment is mainly wood floors and tiles. I have two small carpets but having a robot vacuum seemed pointless… Until I met the HOBOT Legee 688.

A Robot Vacuum for hard floors

HOBOT Legee 688

The HOBOT Legee 688 4 in 1 Robot Vacuum is perfect for me because it is specifically designed for tiled and hard floors versus carpets. It’s pretty impressive how it works. It has a FastBrush 4-Stage Cleaning system. So that means it can vacuum, dry mop and wet mop if needed. I was a bit concerned about the wet mopping feature but the way the Legee works means you don’t end up with completely wet floors that need to dry. In fact, I usually leave it running when I’m out and by the time I’m back my tiles and hardwood floors are sorted. 

It works by vacuuming to pick up hair and dust, then it mops the floor with its front cleaning cloth. Apparently it does this at six hundred times per minute. The Legee then uses a smart water spray with just enough water to dissolve stains but not to leave a wet residue behind. When that is done the back cleaning cloth absorbs dissolved stains and polishes the floor. 

Setting it up

HOBOT Legee 688

The Legee comes with the cleaning cloths (and a spare set), four side brushes, a docking station and 3 HEPA filters. Getting it ready to go is actually really easy. You can also control the robot vacuum via a remote or an app on your phone (I prefer the app on my phone). The first time the Legee runs is a bit nerve wracking. It goes around the house knocking into a bunch of things getting a lay of the land. I ran it on the vacuum setting only the first time so it could learn the space. Thereafter you’re pretty much good to go and can schedule it to run when you’re not there.

You’ll need to clean out the filters once a week, but for the most part it is relatively hassle free to use. 

My favourite features

HOBOT Legee 688

There are a few stand out features I like about the Legee. It has 7 Talent Clean modes depending on what you need from it. These include Standard, Strong, ECO, Kitchen, Dry, Pet and Polish. Even though little Basil doesn’t stay with me, I use Pet a lot because it cleans hair and paw prints up. My hair falls out all the time so I like this mode because it also gives the floors a good clean (great after a weekend of people in your house!). You can also customise the cleaning routine and even the route the Legee follows (it has three different cleaning routes you can use). 

Want your own?

HOBOT Legee 688

If you’re looking to spoil yourself in December, then definitely check this little HOBOT dude out. You’re able to buy your own from Solenco by clicking this link. The vacuum comes with a 2 year warranty with the option to extend it to 5 years. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram because later this week I’m going to be giving you an opportunity to win your own HOBOT Legee, which you don’t want to miss!

Disclosure: I was sent the HOBOT Legee 688 4 in 1 Robot Vacuum to review and keep. 

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