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I want to be a gaming content creator when I grow up

Season 2 Episode 6 of Tech Girl Talks Podcast

I know I’m technically a gaming content creator, but the truth is that I never sought out this as a career. In fact, when I started making esports content it was purely just for fun and it slowly morphed into an actual job. Most people who hear what I do for a living tend to presume I just spend all day playing video games. I actually have less time to play games these days because of my job in… gaming. The irony isn’t lost on me. For my Tech Girl Podcast I wanted to debunk some of the myths around being a gaming content creator.

The best in the biz

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I realised while I had insights, I really needed to reach out to someone who had built a globally successful brand and managed far bigger platforms than I could ever dream of. So I asked Clare Siobhán if she could find some time to chat. Clare is an extremely successful Gaming YouTuber who has branched out to Twitch as well. She has millions of subs on YouTube and millions of fans across her various platforms. Her story of how she found herself with this “job” is inspirational and the knowledge she shares on the episode desperately needed by so many content creators.


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Episode 7 of Season 2 of Tech Girl Talks is now live and I promise, if you dream of being a gaming content creator or are struggling to find a foothold in this space, you’ll definitely hear something of value in this episode.

Key talking points for this episode:

  • How long it takes to “make it”
  • How to make money from being a gaming content creator
  • Bits about the job no one discusses

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