nintendo switch hype

Back on the Nintendo Switch hype train

Pokemon Shining Pearl and some Animal Crossing updates are here

I’ve been really hyped over the past few weeks with lots of loud crazy games. As the chaos of the end of the year descends, my gaming habits are starting to change. I’m looking for something fun and chilled, to relax me as the work madness takes over. I’ve found myself back on the Nintendo Switch and its all because of Pokemon Pearl.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl

nintendo switch hype

A new Pokemon game released recently and, as per usual, I’m hyped to get playing. Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl aren’t new. The original was on the Nintendo DS but you’ll still enjoy the game. The gameplay is similar to the original games and pretty much exactly what you’re expecting from a Pokemon game – battles and chances to catch ’em all. There’s a few fun features to look out for in the game including Pokemon Hideaways where you can find a bunch of different Pokemon depending on the terrain. You’ll be exploring the Sinnoh region and there is an incredible Grand Underground which adds another layer to the region, with an entire world below the one you’re exploring. Along with the usual battles you can also get involved in Super Contest Shows to show off fun outfits and performances for your Pokemon and it adds an extra element to the fun. All in all, it’s just a fun chilled game that keeps you busy and, for me, turns my mind off.

Back to Animal Crossing?

Nintendo Switch Hype

Over and above the Pokemon fun, I’m tempted to jump back into Animal Crossing New Horizons. The game got myself, and so many others, through lockdown, but after building up my island and spending, literally, hundreds of hours in game – I moved on. Now I’m ready to move back. When you renew your Nintendo Switch Online membership (or get one for the first time so you can jam with your friends online), you can select the 365 option. So you’ll pay a once off fee for the year and away you go. The 365 option also comes with a few expansions, including Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC. So you’ll get the DLC included in the price of the subscription along with a host of old school Nintendo games as well. Happy Home Paradise amplifies your island experience because you can now access a whole resort area with a host of different islands. You’ll be part of the planning committee to create epic vacation homes and create fun holiday locations for your islanders. It just adds an extra element and gives you even more to do in Animal Crossing. I’m pretty sure I’ll be here for most of December while lounging next to a pool. The DLC can be purchased separately but it makes sense to get the 365 membership and just get the DLC through there.

The Switch is my holiday go to. I usually spend the December break bouncing between my mom and my brother’s place, so the little handheld slides nicely into my overnight luggage and I can still get my gaming fix while enjoying family time. 


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