Rare Diseases South Africa

It’s time to Give F**ks – join the #SwearToCare Campaign

Join me in raising awareness and funds for Rare Diseases South Africa

The last two years have been rough. We’re all feeling a bit fed up and over it. Things make us so angry and it turns out, on average, most of us will curse around 80 times during the course of a day. If, like me, you let those naughty words flow, then you need to pay attention to Rare Diseases SA and their latest campaign. They want you to let those obscenities fly.

Give A F*ck Campaign

Rare Diseases South Africa

Now you can use your bad words to #SwearToCare. Rare Diseases SA wants to raise funds to start a procurement fund for high-cost medicine for patients impacted by rare diseases.

“Let’s be honest, at this time of the year, and after the year we’ve had between loadshedding and our own Covid-19 health risks – our f**ks are about spent. All anyone cares about now, is making it to the end of the year and perhaps having some time off before the next lockdown is called. But the year is far from over for those the government and medical schemes are turning a blind eye to – the thousands of patients with rare diseases who now, more than ever need support.

In South Africa, we have no formalised Rare Diseases policy. This community is simply being ignored and told that their medications are ‘too expensive’ – now that’s offensive. Put another way, their lives are apparently not worth that much. But we think they are! We want to elevate public understanding of rare diseases, advocate for patient care and support and help navigate the challenges that people living with chronic illnesses, including rare and genetic disorders, and their families, face every day – and this fund is a start to helping with the high-cost of medicine.” 

Kelly Du Plessis, CEO and Lead Patient Advocate at non-profit organisation Rare Diseases South Africa

Rare Diseases hopes to raise R100-million to kick start this risk equalisation fund which will spread the cost of treating these diseases evenly across the private and public sectors.

To swear or not to swear?

Rare Diseases South Africa

The idea is pretty simple, commit to Give a F*ck. There are a variety of ways you can do this:

  • Create a Swear Jar and commit to donate money every time you curse. This is something I’m going to be doing, I’ve been keeping a tally of when I swear at gym and will be asking my stream community to keep a tally of bad words on stream. At the end of November I’ll donate money relative to the number of Curse Words I dropped. You can easily set something up at home.
  • Visit givefucks.org and fill in the pledge.
  • Share you #GivingAFuck on social media – this is a great one if you don’t have money to spare right now. Just sharing the campaign online is going to help more people know about it and hopefully participate.
  • Convince your friends and family to fill in the pledge and join the campaign.

We have the rest of the month, so join me in #SwearingForCaring and using our #ProfanitiesForPurpose – let’s do something rad! 

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