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The first connected fragrance – Paco Rabanne’s Phantom

This is way too cool not to share. Paco Rabanne has this incredible new fragrance that they’ve launched called Phantom. Perfume Sam? Really? YES. Because not only does it smell great, but it being touted as the first “connected” fragrance because of some of the rad things you can do with the cute Robot bottle.

Let’s get to the connected bit

Here’s a quick reel of how the bottle works and I’ve included more information below too:

The chrome, metal and black bottle is this adorable little Robot (it’s also refillable so you just need to buy the refills, not throw the whole bottle away). We’ll get to the scent in a bit, but what is really fun is if you tap your phone on Phantom’s head. It will immediately connect and open up the Phantom Universe. In the universe you get to interact with a little Phantom bot and choose a host of fun phone content.

You can find some epic tunes.

connected fragrance

Take some fun instagram videos with a little Phantom bot who replicates your moves.

connected fragrance

You’re able to play a fun dancing game via Instagram which is tons of fun.

connected fragrance

There’s more options coming soon but I really love the interaction here. It’s fun and vibrant. Much like the fragrance.

The scent!

connected fragrance

I mean, cool bottle aside, Paco Rabanne’s Phantom is one of my favourite summer scents. It features responsibly sourced Madagascar Vanilla, organic Lavandin Absolute and eco-conscious Italian Lemon. It’s a really fresh scent that has a sexy woody type undertone but with the energising lemon dash. I really love it and its my daily go to now!

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