Samsung Z Galaxy Flip 3 best features

My two favourite features on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

I want to start this post by making it very clear – I’m extremely apprehensive about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. I’ve seen previous iterations of this flip smartphone and the constant open and closing of the screen causes a very ugly line across the display that does not age well. Samsung has said that the Flip3’s foldable protective film provides 80% more durability. However to test this you’d need constant daily use to confirm.

The phone retails at R21 999 and it really is adorable. I actually think it is mega cute and dig it but, again, I’d be apprehensive spending that sort of money based on what I’ve seen past screens do. I was sent the device to review (and give back) so I don’t have a chance to check the durability of said screen, but there are two features that are unique to the flip phone that I love.

Use the main camera for rad selfies

Because of the outside display on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 there is this clever little camera trick you can do for a pretty fun selfie. It allows you to use the dual cameras on the back of the phone (12 MP Ultra Wide Camera and a 12MP Wide-angle Camera) which have optical image stabilisation and a host of intelligent features and camera modes to take a decent selfie!

When the phone is flipped closed, double click the home button and the camera will open on the closed display.

Samsung Z Galaxy Flip 3 best features

You can slide left and right for photo and video, up and down to change the framing and then adjust to certain modes.

Once you’re ready, tap the display and the phone will count down to take a photo.

Samsung Z Galaxy Flip 3 best features

Now you have your image. Easy right!

Hands-free Selfies

This is also a fun one that is possible because of the flip capabilities of the Galaxy Z Flip3. You can do a relatively easy hands free selfie with the 10MP selfie camera.

Set the camera up using the folding capabilities for the angle you want.

Samsung Z Galaxy Flip 3 best features

Put your hand up to the camera and pull out, this will trigger the count down on the camera to take a picture.

Samsung Z Galaxy Flip 3 best features

Done – hands free selfie!

Samsung Z Galaxy Flip 3 best features

There are a lot more features on the Flip but these were definitely my two favourite. It’s a rad phone. If I wasn’t nervous about the screen wear and tear, I’d say consider it when you next upgrade.

Disclosure: I was sent the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 to review. It gets sent back. 

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