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Gaming Addiction

Tech Girl Talks Season 2 Ep 2

The latest episode of my podcast Tech Girl Talks is out now. 

Gaming Addiction

tech girl talks

I’ve always been a little bit unsure how to broach this topic because I’ve never fully understood the idea of a “gaming addiction” and if it is even a real thing. It always seemed a bit all over the place for me and I struggled to wrap my head around the idea that my passion for playing video games (and ultimately my entertainment) could have similar harmful effects as too much alcohol or a drug addiction.

I quickly realised that I’m probably not the best person to talk on the subject because I have such an uneducated opinion and, most importantly, I’m not a medical professional. With that in mind… I found someone who was!

Special Guest Christopher Kemp

tech girl talks

Christopher Kemp is a qualified clinical psychologist and avid gamer. His qualifications and practice allows him to give insight into gaming addiction and some of the nuances around it.

We discuss not only gaming addiction but also how gaming can become a crutch when dealing with other mental health issues.

Some of the focal points on the podcast episode include:

  • Gaming Addiction
  • Parenting in a modern age
  • Identifying when you have a problem
  • Depression and how gaming can become a crutch
The episode is now live and you can listen to it on all good podcast platforms, though I’ve embedded the Spotify and Apple Podcast direct links for you:

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Tech Girl Talks on Anchor

Tech Girl Talks on Breaker

Tech Girl Talks on radiopublic

On Thursday at 3pm SAST I’ll be on my Twitch channel for Tech Girl Talks More, where you can add your opinions and chat directly with me about the episode. So make sure you give it a listen today! 

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