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Why you need to know about Spot Money


Over the past few weeks I’ve embarked on a campaign with Spot Money to showcase what the unique South African Money app offers. You download an app and register. Signing up is super easy and the most complicated bit is getting a picture of your identification loaded onto the app (so it is relatively pain free). There are no registration fees, once you’ve signed up you have a virtual wallet which works much like a bank account.

There are a few perks to using Spot

Spot Money App

  • You’re not being charged a monthly fee to use the account you have set up or the virtual card.
  • You can tap and pay at retailers with your Spot card or Android device
  • You’re able to send and receive cash via Spot and it is free to send.
  • The app has a bunch of discount options, so you can scan QR codes at various stores offering the discount or earn cash when you shop at some of the listed cash back partners.
  • The app also has various loans and insurance offers available in the marketplace in the app.

Some of my favourite features

Spot Money App

I made some videos showcasing some of my favourite features of the app.

The first one is the option to purchase game vouchers in the app. You can obviously use these to get in-game currency but you can also renew or purchase new Playstation, Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Online memberships all in one spot which I really liked.

The virtual card is a big perk because, for me, it has allowed me to handle all my online purchases from one account and keep track. There is an option to get a real physical card delivered, link existing bank account cards and even freeze your card in the app if you believe you have a security risk. All quick to do, arrange and no call centres!! Thank you!!

Finally, I really liked the marketplace. Stuff is expensive these days and it was great to have a space to shop for deals and comparisons on things like insurance.

I really like using Spot Money and think if you’re looking for an alternate banking solution or just a secondary solution to your more traditional set up you should check it out. The fact that there are no sign up or monthly fees is a big plus. You can register and take a look around without fully committing, if you prefer. If you want to start your Spot Money journey you can visit the website and get going!

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