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iPhone 13 cases – where to find them

The South African addition

The iPhone 13 range launched late last week in South Africa. I’m planning to level up my phone to one of the new offerings and I know a lot of other people who did a day 1 jump. It goes without saying though that, these days, you need to buy a cover with your phone. Buying a phone cover is always my favourite part of the shop. However, if you’ve just jumped to the iPhone 13 you’re going to struggle a little bit to find a fun cover in South Africa. There are slim pickings. I’ve tried to put together a collection of options that might help you out.

Surprisingly, you won’t find iPhone 13 covers at these stores

Usually my go to is Typo, as their covers are affordable and cute. They don’t have any stock though – at least online, so you’ll likely need to wait a few weeks for the covers to come in. I’m not a fan of the HeyCasey covers, as I find they fade yellow (and I’ve heard their deliveries can be a mess), but I know they have some good options.. usually. Unfortunately, their site is also not offering iPhone 13 covers yet. In fact, for the most part, I haven’t been able to find much in the way of covers. I’m not keen on importing phone covers so I kept hunting and I’ve found two online stores where you can grab iPhone 13 covers.

Where to find iPhone 13 covers

Takealot has a range of iPhone 13 covers currently listed on their site, though they’re pretty boring if I’m honest. Think lots of blacks and clear looks. However, I found 2 options that I like and that might work for you. 

iphone 13 covers

This Speck option is cute. I’ve used the brand before and the quality is decent. Plus I like the baby pink. So this is potentially an option.

iphone 13 covers

WripWraps has this Rose Gold cover listed on Takelot. It has the camera slider case which I really dig, because of the protection to the lens. It includes a tempered glass screen cover as well. Plus it comes in at half the price of nearly every other cover I found which was surprising. I do think it looks a bit bulky but work a look if you’re keen on something like this.

The second online shop that has covers is iStore. In fact, they have a pretty extensive range of covers for the iPhone 13. You can get the official Apple Silicon and Leather covers from iStore, but if you’re not keen on blowing more than a grand on a cover – they do have a few other options that are well priced (and a lot more fun that what I’ve found elsewhere).

iphone 13 covers

I’m a sucker for sparkle and this option from Case Mate is really cute. However, word of warning – be careful with the clear cases, they have a tendency to turn yellow over time. Bummer.

iphone 13 covers

I’m low key obsessed with the Marble case from Ideal of Sweden and this will likely be the case I get when I get my new phone. However, word of warning: I haven’t seen this case in the flesh, only online. Some of the marble cases have a glass backing which can shatter if you drop your phone. But this is still a super pretty case!

If you find any other case options, be sure to share them in the comments below to help us (see: me) shop! 


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