squid game

Squid Game: tentacool & inkcredible OR does it suck?

There are only two things you need to know about this week:

  1. The Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp/Messenger blackout on Monday the 4th of October 2021
  2. Squid Game

When Facebook went down I thought my internet was being weird and went offline and carried on living my life. It was only the next day when I saw the memes that I realised there had been an outage. The reason? Apparently, the DNS wasn’t working or redirecting or something and took down ALL the Facebook things.

Remember when the Evergreen got stuck in the Suez Canal? Well, whoever was responsible for the Facebook outage was probably having the same bad day at work and surely no longer works there.

In other news, a Battle Royale Korean version show has hit Netflix and people are loving it. Squid Game is a horror show where people compete in children’s games for money. But you play until death. I haven’t watched it yet, but as the kids say, weekend plans sorted.


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