Is the Fortnite x Balenciaga collaboration a rip off?

Famous fashion label Balenciaga and the world’s most hyped battle royale, Fortnite, have announced a collaboration which will see a bunch of in game skins drop along side real life fashion items that you can buy. But, the real life stuff is a complete rip off… unless you really have excess money to blow.

Want a relatively plain cap with some Fortnite branding on it? $395

How about a white hoodie with, again, literally the Fortnite logo plastered on the front? $725

You could get this plain collared shirt in black or white with, you guessed it, the Fortnite logo on it, for $995

If you really feel like splurging there is a denim jacket retailing for $1300

This isn’t the first time a designer brand has partnered with a game to drop a bunch of clothes no normal human can usually afford. League of Legends and Louis Vuitton partnered up in 2019:

League of Legends and Louis Vuitton have a collection of clothes none of us can afford

But, in my opinion at least, the Louis Vuitton collection at least looked like some thought had gone in to the designs and they were kind of cool. This Balenciaga Fortnite collaboration feels lazy and completely overpriced. There are in game items as well. The skins are pretty rad and give a nod to Balenciaga’s style and flair for design over the years (none of which they used when they made the real life Fortnite items). You’re able to get some outfits, backpacks, pixaxe styles, wreapon wraps, glider and a new emote. They’ll all cost you V Bucks though.

Oh how I love sharing stories of big game devs and fashion houses capitalising on young kids whose parents will drop mad cash to keep them happy in order to feed the parental guilt that eats them because they work too much and aren’t at home. 

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